What Is EMF Radiation and How Can You Protect Yourself

a woman suffering from radiation from her laptopThe world has certainly changed drastically over the last 50 years, and the use of electricity has been a bit part of that change. Most of us seem to have embraced the use of the internet, mobile phones, cinema and television and even driving cars powered by electricity. All this technology has meant the human race has been able to evolve at a faster pace and it has also made the world seem like a smaller place too.

However, the increasing use of technology and devices powered by electricity means that we are increasingly exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) emanating from the devices we use.

While some people seem to be somewhat more resilient to low-level exposure to EMF’s, studies are showing that prolonged and over-exposure is not good for our health. Depending on the level of exposure, scientists are now investigating the consequences of EMF’s on our mood, sleep cycles, cognitive functioning and even on our internal organs. There are even reports that exposure to EMF’s can result in alterations in our DNA.

If you’re concerned about your health and the health of your family and want to understand more about the effects EMF’s could be having on your body, how you’re being exposed and what you can do to reduce the effects of EMF radiation, then please read on.

What is EMF radiation?


The electromagnetic field, also known as EMF or EM field refers to invisible areas of energy that emanate form and surround an electrical source and emit a level of radiation. These areas of energy are often linked to the use of electrical power, as well as different types of man-made and natural lighting. In other words, EMF radiation is the energy that is produced by electromagnetic fields.

Electromagnetic fields include static magnetic fields such as medical imaging, intermediate fields such as anti-theft devices, VDU, induction and induction hobs, as well as ELF fields such as household appliances and high voltage overhead power cables.

In addition, there is also radio frequency (RF) radiation, which includes mobile phones, anti-theft devices, WLAN, as well as telecommunications antennae.

Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

As an analogy, electromagnetic radiation can be looked at in the context of bad sugars and good sugars, or bad fats and good fats. In other words, there are EMFs that are considered to be safe and those that are considered to be harmful. With that said, electromagnetic radiation can be categorized as either ionizing or non-ionizing radiation.

Types of Electromagnetic Radiation

Non-ionizing radiation

The frequency of non-ionizing radiation, which is low to medium, is considered to be less harmful as it gives off a lower frequency of electromagnetic radiation. However, overexposure to this type of radiation can have harmful effects on your health.

Non-ionizing radiation comes from electrical gadgets that we use on a daily basis such as phones, microwave, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi, computers, smart meters and MRIs, to name but a few.

Ionizing radiation

On the other hand, ionizing radiation, which has medium to high frequency, is considered to be harmful and it has been shown to cause leukaemia, DNA damage, infertility, headaches, hypersensitivity, sleep disturbances, stress, fatigue and foggy thinking, just to mention a few.

Ionizing radiation often comes from x-rays, ultraviolet rays, or gamma rays.

Tips on How You Can Reduce the Effects of EMF Radiation

Sleep in a safe environment

It is important that you minimize EMF exposure while sleeping. This can be done by ensuring that you do not keep your electronic gadgets in your bedroom and that you’ve unplugged everything or switched off all electric devices.

When I first became aware of this I made a conscious effort to turn off all electrical devices in my bedroom and even keep my mobile phone downstairs (switched off) at night and I did notice an improvement in my sleep. However, I still was not sleeping soundly. Then I became aware that the wall behind the headboard of my bed had electrical wires running through it horizontally behind my head while I was sleeping. By simply turning off the plug sockets on that wall at night I found that I was able to sleep more peacefully.

Use your laptop or computer safely

a man feeling ill after being exposed to electromagnetic radiation form his computerWhen working on your laptop or computer, it will reduce the effects of EMF exposure if you connect it to a wired ethernet connection instead of using Wi-Fi. In addition, it is always advisable that you take frequent breaks when using your laptop or computer and preferably use it somewhere open rather than in an enclosed room.

To reduce EMF pollution when using your laptop, it is recommended that you use a wired mouse and a wired external keyboard. It is also important that you avoid placing your laptop on your laps when working as this may affect fertility. It would also be wise not to use a laptop on your lap if you are pregnant.

Use your smartphone safely

Another step that you can take to prevent yourself from the negative effects of EMF radiation is by not putting your cell phone in your pocket or in your brassiere.

Other precautions you can take when using your smartphone include talking on the loudspeaker (I always do this whenever possible) rather than holding your phone next to your ear. You can also opt to use Skype or a landline instead of your mobile phone.

Turning off your phone when you’re sleeping or when you’re not using it or switching it onto aeroplane mode also helps to ensure that you are not exposing your self to unnecessary amounts of EMF radiation.

Used wired devices

The first step towards protecting yourself from EMF pollution is to avoid using wireless devices wherever possible and instead use wired devices. For instance, instead of using Wi-Fi on your laptop computer, you can use an ethernet cable, which is much safer.

Instead of using Wi-Fi, you may want to use a router guard. Wireless baby monitors also emit poisonous EMF radiation, and it is important that you avoid using them, and instead use the wired baby monitor, that has been set up from D-Link, for instance.

It is also important that you avoid cordless phones, particularly the digital European cordless telephone, as well as wireless smart meters. If you’re really concerned about this then you may want to look for other telephone options.

Educate your neighbours

It is important to note that a lot of the EMF pollution that is affecting your house and your family could be coming from your next door neighbour who is probably using Wi-Fi, wireless smart meters, or even a cordless DECT phone.

I understand how difficult it can be to go telling your neighbours about EMF pollution more so because some neighbours can be very unreceptive, but you may want to give it a try. This is a brave move that can help to protect you and your family from the harmful health effects of EMF pollution.

Measure the level of EMF pollution

It is important that you measure EMF pollution in your home using a good EMF meter like the Comet ED88T meter or similar.

See my article here for the top four EMF meters that I recommend. If you are on a smaller budget but you would still like to get a decent EMF meter for testing general household items then I recommend the Meterk MK08.

Final Thoughts

Protecting yourself from EMF pollution is now a very important consideration for everyone. Being aware of where your exposure may be coming from is the first step in protecting yourself and your family. With a few changes here and there you can have a big impact on reducing your exposure and not only preserving but also improving the health of you and your family.

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