Meterk EMF Meter Review – Meterk MK08

meterk mk08 EMF radiation mtere reader with the backlight onIf you’ve recently started to get concerned about electromagnetic stress and you’re wanting to buy an affordable EMF Meter to get you started then the Meterk EMF Meter may be the one for you. In fact, this was the first EMF Meter I bought as it’s fairly cheap, easy to use and works straight out of the box.

When I first started to get concerned about EMF’s one of the first things I wanted to do was get a decent (and affordable) EMF Meter so I could test the devices in and around my home so I could then start doing things to limit my exposure. However, in the early days, I didn’t know what would be a good meter for me or how much I should spend.

If you’ve done a little research into EMF Meters then you probably already know that the prices can vary enormously. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend getting the cheapest EMF Meter you can find, I also wouldn’t also recommend going for the most expensive one on the market for your first meter unless you know a lot about them and are after the extra functionality.

If you’re reading this then you’re probably well aware of the fact that electromagnetic fields are all around us the majority of the time. You may also be more than a little concerned about the negative effects that electromagnetic stress is having on the health of you and your family.

Unfortunately, EMF radiation doesn’t stop with your mobile phone, laptop or router. We are also exposed to EMF radiation from telephone towers, generators and transformers.

An increasing number of people are now suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (aka EHS). For these people, they have symptoms of their exposure. However, even if you don’t currently have any symptoms of EMF radiation, this does not mean that you and your family are not being harmed by the EMF’s. I myself did not use to have any symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity until about two years ago (from writing this), when I started to be affected. Personally, I think there is also a correlation to one’s immune system and EHS, as I started to suffer the symptoms of EMF radiation once I was already run down and under a high amount of stress in my life, but that is another story…

If you or any of your family members don’t yet currently have any symptoms of EMF radiation then it is very important to get a decent EMF Meter so you can quickly find out the level of electromagnetic stress you and your loved ones are exposed to and do something about it before symptoms occur.

The Meterk MK08 EMF Reader – Is It Worth The Money?

As I mentioned previously, there is a wide range of meters on the market and the price range differs immensely. When people ask me about the best EMF Meters I often suggest the Trifield 100XE or the Cornet ED78S. Although these are great meters, they are fairly expensive.

A lot of people are interested in getting a cheaply priced reader but one that can also do the job. There’s absolutely no point in getting a cheap meter if it doesn’t give accurate readings or breaks after a short while. So, I wanted to do a review on the best low-cost EMF Meter out there, and that, in my opinion, is the Meterk MK08. This EMF meter is also readily available on Amazon.

Why The Meterk MK08 Is a Great EMF Meter For The Money

When looking at EMF Meters, the most important thing to consider is functionality. While the Meterk MK08 only measures electric and magnetic fields, these two frequencies will cover more or less anything you need to take a measure of when testing for EMF radiation in and around your home. This EMF Meter is also pretty accurate when compared to some of the more expensive models on the market.

Easy To Use

The Meterk MK08 is very easy to use and has four buttons; power, mode, temperature and unit of measurement, which I will explain in this article. The display is also clear and very easy to read and the meter feels nice and substantial in your hand.

When taking readings, the meter will display the accepted units for EMF measurement, which are Micro Tesla and Milli Gauss.

Now let’s take a look at each of the buttons in a bit more detail.

Using The Meterk MK08

Meterk MK08 The Power Button

meterk mk08 testing the EMF from a computerThe power button has two functions; firstly, of course, it turns the device on and off with a long press. However, once the device is switched on, if you press the power button again with a short press then it will activate or mute the sound.

With the sound activate the Meterk will sound an alarm once radiation is detected above acceptable levels. It’s handy to be able to turn on or mute the sound as for some people it could get a bit annoying after a while. Also, if you’re out testing in public places then you may want to be a bit more discrete and mute the sound. Personally, I like having the sound on when I’m using it in private areas like my home. Besides sounding the alarm when higher levels of radiation are detected, the Meterk display screen will also flash red, so it’s not necessary to have the sound on if you don’t want it.

Meterk MK08 mG/uT Button

This button allows you to choose what unit you want to measure with. The options are Gauss or Micro Tesla.

Meterk MK08 Mode Button

meterk mk08 EMF radiation mtere reader with the backlight onThis is a great button with several functions. First off, the mode button activates a light for the display screen in case you are using it in the dark. The screen lights up green when using this function. Personally, I leave the backlight off most of the time since I’m usually testing in areas where I can see the screen without needing the light, but it’s nice to have. To activate the backlight press and hold the mode button until it comes on. Press and hold the mode button again to deactivate the backlight.

The second function of the mode button is activated with one short or quick press, which will pause or hold the measurement on the screen.

The third and final function is activated by double tapping the mode button and will give you the maximum reading of the measurement. This is a very useful function as the readings fluctuate quickly up and down while taking readings. This is because the radiation is moving outwards from a device in waves so double-clicking the mode button will give you the maximum reading your meter detects.

Meterk MK08 Temperature Button

The temperature button on the right of the meter also has more than one function. A short press of this button will allow you to switch between ℃ and ℉, depending on your preference.

The second function of this button is activated by depressing and holding the button for a second or two. This will then deactivate the automatic shutoff of the whole meter. What this means is, during normal use the Meterk MK08 will turn itself off automatically after 10 minutes if it has not been used to preserve the batteries. However, if you want to leave it on to measure something for a longer period of time then holding the temperature button will deactivate this function and the MEterk will remain on until you manually turn it off or it runs out of batteries.

Meterk MK08 Specifications

Below are the specifications of the Meterk MK08.

Meterk MK08 specifications


For me, the Meterk MK08 is the best low-cost EMF Meter. It has great functionality, it’s easy to use and it looks and feels good in your hand. It’s a sturdy device and is very accurate, even when compared to some of the more expensive meters on the market.

If you’re concerned about EMF radiation and how it is affecting you and your family then you’re going to want to get a decent electromagnetic field tester that can give you accurate readings without costing you a fortune to find out. Although the Meterk MK08 is very reasonably priced, I was fortunate enough to but it on special offer. You can check the current price here.

If you’re more experienced and knowledgeable about EMF’s and you want a device with more functionality then you’ll probably want to go for one of the more expensive meters, such as the Trifield 100XE or the Cornet ED78S. Having said that, the Meterk MK08 has been a great buy and find it both useful and effective for accurately detecting levels of EMF radiation in and around my home.