EMF Meters: How to Pick a Good EMF Reader

a man thinking about which EMF meter to buyToday’s world is technology-driven. Most if not all of us use technological devices in our homes, offices and many other places and exposure to electromagnetic fields are increasingly becoming a problem. Most of us use our mobile phones on a daily basis, which is certainly a concern, especially if we’re holding it up to our heads and carrying it around in our pockets. Mobile phones are a prime culprit (among others) for emitting EMF radiation that in the long run could be detrimental to your health, quality of sleep, and overall well-being.

EMF exposure also comes from most of the electronic gadgets you use in your home or office such as baby monitors, wi-fi, microwave, smart meters, computer, laptop, power lines, blenders and many others.

In order to protect you and your loved ones from EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) exposure, we first need to detect what devices a are giving off offensive levels of radiation and where the hot spots are in our home and office. Once we know this, we can then start to put countermeasures in place to help neutralise the effects of this harmful radiation.

So, to begin testing your electrical devices and identifying radiation hot spots, it would be advisable to use an EMF meter, to detect electromagnetic fields. This article is going to delve deeper into some of the things you need to take note of when selecting a meter.

How to Decide the Type of EMF Reader For You


Our markets have so many types of EMF readers, and to be able to choose the one you want to use, you must first understand what you want to measure. It is important to note that the best meter for the job is one that is sensitive to the kind of EMF radiation that you would want to measure, as well as one that would give you accurate information.

EMF meters serve a specific purpose of measuring four different types of EMF that include:

  • Microwave radiation – comes from wireless technology such as Wi-Fi routers, mobile phone towers, baby monitors, phones that are cordless and smart meters.
  • Magnetic fields – typically come from power lines. However, erroneous wiring in your home and also various home appliances can also cause magnetic fields.
  • Electric fields – these radiate from devices that are not shielded. Electrical wiring can also cause electrical fields.
  • Dirty Electricity, which refers to the type of frequencies that traverse the wiring of your home. This can include things like power adapters, solar power inverters, fluorescent lighting, switches with a dimmer function and of course, wireless smart meters.

To be able to decide which EMF meter will be of best use to you, there are other things that you must be able to determine such as:

  1. If you want to measure electric fields, magnetic fields, or radiofrequency fields?
  2. The type of frequencies you are interested in i.e. is it DC, 60 HZ, ELF, VLF, or microwave?
  3. The level of sensitivity you expect the meter to have?
  4. The level of accuracy you expect to attain from using a certain type of meter.
  5. Whether you would rather use analogue, which is considered the best for surveys and readings that are made on the go; or digital meters, which are considered to have higher accuracy?
  6. Whether you require one with three axis, or whether a single axis would serve the purpose just right?
  7. If there are any special features that you would want a meter to have such as portability, an audible signal and multiple capabilities?

What you intend to do with the information. For instance, do you want to locate hot spots, circuits that are faulty, or do you want to present findings to interested parties.

Please also note that the higher the accuracy you get from a certain type of meter, the higher the price is likely to be.

Top EMF Meters of 2018

Trifield 100XE EMF Meter

Trifield 100XE EMF MeterThis device may look outdated, but trust me it is still considered an industry standard by many. Its internal hardware still meets the criteria for modern standards, and it has the ability to perform a good job like many other modern designs.

Trifield 100XE is the best meter for you if what you intend to diagnose equipment for EMF radiation. With this device, it is possible to adjust a reading to an exact scale.

Check the price of the Trifield 100XE EMF Meter here.

EDI Plus Meters

If you like to hunt ghosts, then this is the best EMF meter for you. Though this meter has a lot of features, its main purpose is ghost hunting. It is a whole package and comes with everything that you would need in your mission of detecting paranormal activity.
If you aspire to be a ghost hunter, then this device will certainly help you.

EDI Plus measures ultra-low frequency connected to paranormal activity. The ultra-low frequency makes it one of the most accurate EMF sensors you can find on the market. Its accuracy is in the range of 0.1%, and it is not very easy to find a device with such accuracy.
It also gives you a full range of pressure, temperature, humidity, and vibration measurement that any ghost hunter would be looking for. What’s more, this device also makes it possible for you to review data later because it logs it over time.

Cornet ED78S

If what you are looking for is accuracy, then the Cornet ED78S has got you covered. This device is very modern and very high tech. This device is also well built and pocket-friendly and.

With the Cornet ED78S, it is not possible to measure just one type of EMF because it has the ability to detect magnetic, radio and electric EMF that you are exposed to all at once.

This EMF reader happens to be one of the most accurate on the market because it has the ability to give you an exact point in time reading of the current EMF. With this meter, you always get to know what you are exposed to because you can use it to measure across multiple axis.

Lutron EMF-822A

Lutron EMF-822AIf what you are looking for is an EMF reader to test for radiation from electromagnetic fields, then look no further. This device can easily and quickly measure EMF radiation levels in home appliances, power lines, as well as commercial devices. This tester gives you the flexibility of using either Milli Gaus or microTesla:

20 microTesla x 0.01 microTesla
200 milli Gauss x 0.1 milli Gauss
(1 microTesla = 10 milli Gauss)

There’s a switch on this EMF meter that enables you to manoeuvre between the gauss and tesla measurements.

Check the price of the Lutron EMF-822A here.

If you are looking for a more cost-effective EMF tester then check out my review of the Meterk MK08.

If you would want to measure the electromagnetic fields of a new home or apartment before moving in, then you can consider using an EMF reader that can measure magnetic fields from home wiring and nearby power lines. You could also consider buying a meter that can measure radio frequencies or microwave radiation fields from nearby cell towers, as well as radio and television stations.

If you suspect that you have been exposed to electromagnetic fields and are suspicious that the symptoms you are experiencing could be as a result of electromagnetic sensitivity, then I would recommend that you measure for all types of EMF, more so the electric fields.

Parting Shot

There are a lot of EMF readers on the market that can be used to detect, measure and eliminate the invisible pollution of EMFs, and the above are just a few of them. For great accuracy, it is important that you first know what type of radiation you want to measure.

If you would prefer to get a low-cost EMF meter that is simple to use to get started testing electrical devices in your home then take a look at the Meterk MK08 here.

For more info on electromagnetic hypersensitivity and you you can protect yourself and your family, please visit our homepage here at https://emfprotector.org/ or visit our EMF protection Google+ page.

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