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Hello, and welcome to my new blog, https://emfprotector.org. My name is Steve and I use to sufer from electromagnetic sensitivity. I started this blog for two reasons; firstly to deepen my knowledge about electromagnetic frequencies, how they affect our bodies and minds and what we can do  to protect ourdselves. Secondly, I wanted to share my research and expereinces here on this blog to help bring more awareness to EMF’s and how they impact us on a day to day basis.

Over the recent years it seems that more and more people are now suffering from electromagnetic sensitivity with the health care service now starting to recognise this phenomenon. For me, it seemed that I have been somewhat sensitive for to EMF’s for quite a while without realising exactly what it was. All I know was that I did not feel normal and I did not feel good. Tiredness and lack of energy along with bad sleep were becoming more and more a constant for me until I completely crashed a few years ago. At the time my body also became so run down that I also started suffering with adrenal fatigue. It seems that if you are already run down then EMF’s can have a stronger impact on our bodies. So, I can tell you that suffering a double wammy of adrenal fatigue and EMF sensitivity isn’t fun. Just in my early 30’s I was feeling like an old man.

Fortunately, when I started to research EMF sensitivity and started to impliment a few simple procedures such as turning off all electrical devices when I wasn’t using them, especially at night, I started to feel a little better. I also threw myself into a regimen to heal my adrenals in order to get my life back. I then started to experiment with various EMF protection devices, which brought about various effects, some being better than others. At the beginning I started looking into crystals for EMF protection and found that black tourmaline was especially effective in helping to block harmful EMF’s due to its high iron content. I then experimented with other stones before using some of the gadgets on the market for electromagnetic hypersensitivity protection, which I will talk about on my blog. As such, I will be sharing with you my journey, my research and also the products and methods I found most effective for me. I hope that they will also help you too.

Please feel free to comment on any of my posts or even email me through my contact page if you would like to ask me a question or give me feedback on my blog. Thank you for visiting.

If you would like to know more about the harmful effects electromagnetic fields can have on your body, please see my article on EMF radiation and how you can protect yourself.

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