EMF Protection Crystals – How Do They Work?

A piece of black tourmaline which is an EMF protection crystalIn this modern world of electronics and gadgets, we are now constantly being exposed to higher levels of radiation. Unfortunately, in a large amount of the country we are surrounded by it and for 98% of us we are even carrying it with us in the form of a mobile or cell phone.

To make this situation worse our lifestyles are becoming increasingly more stressful, which over time lowers our immune system and resistance to stress including electromagnetic stress.

Types of Electromagnetic Radiation


When it comes to electromagnetic stress, there are two kinds of radiation that we need to know about; Ionized and non-ionized radiation. Ionized radiation is the more harmful and is emitted from X-ray machines, UV rays and also gamma rays. This form of radiation is especially harmful to humans and our exposure to them should be limited wherever possible, which is why the doctors don’t usually like to send a person for too many x-rays within a short period of time.

As for the non-ionized form of radiation, this is still harmful to humans, but no way near as harmful as the ionized variety. However, many of us are often almost constantly surrounded by non-ionized radiation on a daily basis, which over time is proving to have a detrimental effect on people’s health. Couple this with prolonged levels of stress or being run down and a person can soon develop a heightened sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, which can lead to a variety of symptoms affection our health.

Examples of devices that emit non-ionized radiation include wireless devices such as mobile phones, laptops, Ipads, routers, games consoles and microwaves.

Symptoms of EMF Sensitivity

Many people may be suffering from EMF exposure without even realising. This was certainly the case for myself. My health was progressively getting worse and it took me a while to realise that EMF exposure was playing a big part in that.

The most common symptoms of EMF exposure are;

  • Headaches
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Memory loss
  • Depression
  • Weakened immune system
  • Exhaustion and fatigue
  • Lack of concentration
  • Visual disturbances and weakened vision
  • Skin rashes

For myself, I was experiencing almost all of these symptoms when I finally realised that EMF stress was largely to blame.

If you or a loved one has a number of these symptoms and you’re suspecting that excessive EMF exposure may also be causing your health issues then you’re probably wondering what you can do about it. Well, fortunately, there are several things that you can do. In the rest of this article, I will be telling you how you can use one cheap and reasonably effective method for combating EMF exposure.

Protecting Yourself Against EMF With Crystals & Stones

There are several methods and devices you can use to help protect yourself and your family from EMF’s. The first method I used was by using EMF protection crystals. I started off using this method first because it’s a reasonably cheap way to get some protection in your home and secondly because I quite coincidentally had a few of the necessary stones in my house, I just didn’t have enough of them at the time and they weren’t in the right place, so I needed to buy some more strong EMF protection crystals and stones.

The theory behind the use of crystals and stones to help combat EMF’s explains their use it two main ways; firstly, the stones are said to be able to absorb and, therefore, dissipate some of the EMF’s. Secondly, the stones also have a grounding energy which can help to combat a lot of the symptoms of EMF exposure that can also make a person feel ungrounded.

You may have also heard of grounding by walking or standing barefoot in nature or even in your back garden. While this can also help, it is often not so convenient for many of us to do this frequently on a day to day basis and the use of EMF protection crystals can be a good alternative.

Which Stones and Crystals to Use

Stones and crystals containing iron

black tourmaline containing iron for electromagnetic stress protectionFor grounding, stones that contain iron can be particularly useful. Stones with a high amount of iron can be especially effective in harmonizing low-level energy frequencies emitted from non-ionized devices. For people who work with technology and are constantly surrounded by computers, mobile phones and so forth on a consistent basis may especially be at risk from EMF exposure and will likely notice a sense of ungroundedness after a while. Therefore, using the right stones can help to divert a large portion of the EMF’s away from our bodies.

Some examples of stones containing iron include black tourmaline, hematite, chalcopyrite, goethite, epidote, pyrite, limonite, lazulite, marcasite, lepidocrocite, rhodonite, sugilite, staurolite and serpentine.

Personally, I use black tourmaline for EMF protection as this was the stone that most people were talking about as having one of the strongest defences against electromagnetic stress and also geopathic stress when I first started researching these subjects. I first bought a nice chunk of it (see image below) and placed it to intercept the primary geopathic stress line that was entering my property. For EMF protection you can also place the black tourmaline (or any of the above stones) close to your wifi devices and also carry a piece in your pocket or wear it as a piece of jewellery. However, many sources state that copper is the best element to use for shielding.

Here is a video I shot to show black tourmaline reducing the EMF’s form my desktop computer. The changes aren’t huge from this one piece of tourmaline, but when I tested it with my EMF meter it did show a reduction in the EMF’s.


Stones and crystals containing copper

Besides using stones containing iron, copper is another great element to use to help protect yourself from electromagnetic stress. Stones containing copper can be used for this or even simple copper pipes and rods can also be effective. There are many people who suggest using pieces of copper around your wifi devices to help dissipate the levels of radiation that is being produced by these devices.

Again, copper, particularly copper rods are also recommended to help protect against geopathic stress. At the time of writing this article, I was unfortunate enough to find myself living in an apartment that was a hotspot for both geopathic and electromagnetic stress (I am moving very soon!). Fortunately, the geopathic stress lines were not going through my bed, but they were passing through the living room and the kitchen so I used copper rods and also black tourmaline to help break up the lines. I digress, back to electromagnetic stress…

So, when it comes to using copper to help disperse the radiation from wifi devices, most people prefer to use stones as they just look nicer than having pieces of metal lying around.

Stones containing copper include chrysocolla, azurite, dioptase, chalcopyrite, tennantite, malachite, shattuckite, ajoite, cuprite, mottramite, covalite and turquoise.

As mentioned previously, copper is said to be the best element to use for EMF shielding and can either be used to surround the offending electrical devices or placed between yourself and the device. For example, if you are sitting in front of your computer screen for long periods of time then placing a piece of copper or a crystal containing copper between you and your screen is supposed to be effective to shield you from some of the radiation.

It is important to double check you are using the right stones, ie ones that contain either copper or iron in order to ensure you are being protected. Secondly, it is important to make sure you are not placing any stones with magnetic properties such as magnetite too close to your electrical devices as the magnetic properties can damage the components of your devices and in some cases, they can even wipe the memory of mobile phones, tablets and computers.

For more information on electromagnetic stress and EMF protection, please see our homepage here at https://emfprotector.org/ or visit our EMF protector Google+ page.

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